Crutches and Crunches

Crutches and Crunches


Focus on what you CAN do, not what you can’t.

After rupturing my Achilles in January, I was determined to find other ways to be active and fit. Not only did this help me to stay in shape physically, but kept me mentally healthy and sane! I recorded all of the workouts I did while we’re a cast/boot and compiled them into this program.

I took two weeks completely off of working out, and then started my 6 week pull-up plan and started easing back into upper body workouts, core exercises, and stationary biking. I followed my doctor’s instructions and only did what I was cleared to do… and you MUST do the same, especially if you are recovering from an injury! Listen to your body and only do what you feel ready for and comfortable with. Be patient and trust the process!

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